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New Business Secured in August 2020

Helifuel is very happy to announce that it has secured  a new contract for delivery to maritime environments. The scope of work includes design, engineering and delivery of two fuelling systems. Due to confidentiality agreements we cannot share further information on the projects other than the client and Helifuel are pleased to be working together. […]

7 fuelling systems has left the Helifuel yard since March.

Another Helicopter Refuelling System for Major Client Nears Completion. The finishing touches are being applied to this beauty. This is a helicopter refuelling system complying with standards such as CAP 437, US Coast Guard, ABS class regulations and a number of customized standards.When operating in the aviation industry safety is the key to every part […]

Product bulletin 18/02

Are you ready for the change? Announced changes to the  fuel filtration system on helicopter refuelling systems.   Why are we sharing this bulletin? The purpose of this bulletin is to inform current users and purchasers of filter monitor systems, to prepare their aviation refuelling systems for the global changes within the aviation fuelling industry. Filtration […]