New US contracts secured

Helifuel has secured new contracts in the US.

The two contracts are for two different projects being handled in and from the US. Both projects were landed the same week, shortly ahead of the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.


This is good news. We expect the OTC to be busy, but we will definitely find time to celebrate these contracts, said Fergal O’Siochru who spends much time in the US and had arrived Houston again to represent Helifuel at the OTC.

The fueling systems are units that will be specifically designed to meet the US Coast Guard regulations in addition to class regulations as well as client requirements.


We are very happy to confirm these contracts. The clients maintain very high standards and the quality requirements are stringent.
Just the way we like it and are specially trained for, says Jorunn Håvardsholm Managing Director in Helifuel AS.


The design and engineering work kicks off immediately and the delivery is planned early 2020 and 3rd quarter 2020.

Managing Director met with the Crown Prince of Norway

Helifuel’s Managing Director Jorunn Håvardsholm was honoured to meet his Royal Highness of Norway at a conference earlier this month. The Conference was one of Norway’s traditional annual gatherings hosted by the employer organization NHO. The conference saw business managers, politicians, journalists and other global key players gathered to discuss Norway’s position in a global perspective.

The honourable lunch meeting facilitated the Crown Prince in meeting representatives for small and medium sized companies who play large and important roles for the value creation in Norway. 99% of the Norwegian companies are small and medium sized and are responsible for close to half of the value creation in the country.

The Crown Prince was interested to learn more about the Helifuel company, and the challenges and the markets in which we operate. We are pleased that the Crown Prince shows such interest in small and medium sized companies and appreciates their value,  says Jorunn Håvardsholm.

Three ISO standard certifications completed

Helifuel has just received the DNV certificate stating that Helifuel maintains a HSE management system in accordance with the newest ISO 45001:2018 standard.

The ISO 45001:2018 is replacing the OHSAS 18001.

Helifuel is certified to the ISO standards for Quality 9001, Environment 14001 and HSE 45001.


The ISO standards are the basis for the Helifuel work philosophy and we find it very valuable for all parts of the organization, says Managing Director Jorunn Håvardsholm.


Safety and Quality are of outmost importance for both for Helifuel and our clients and have been of focused attention for a long time.
Over time the Aviation and Maritime industries have improved safety through shared experienced within this field. Furthermore the ISO certification processes are ensuring continuous improvements which is of benefit to all.

Whilst the global environmental challenges are the subject of increased focus,  Helifuel’s commitment to continuous improvement is reflected by increased investment in our management systems within this area.

The certificates have been awarded to Helifuel by DNV-GL who is one of the main global players within this field.

Another US GOM contract secured

Helifuel AS has once again secured a major contract in the United States. Helifuel will supply the helicopter refueling system to the BP Mad Dog 2 project. This new contract is a welcome addition to other work Helifuel has secured recently. The increased orderbook allowed Helifuel to increase its workforce with a number of new appointments.

BP Mad Dog Phase 2 is an extension of BP’s largest oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. Phase two entails an integrated semi-submersible, which will be equipped with a helicopter refuelling system designed and manufactured in Sveio, Norway.

The helicopter refuelling system will be delivered in the autumn of 2018 and is purchased by Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea on behalf of BP.

“It’s a very engineering-demanding project and it is very good to see that we secure these complex projects. A good understanding of the American market is required here. Over the years, we have established a strong position in the US after delivering a number of systems to this continent” says Managing Director, Jorunn Håvardsholm.

Helifuel delivered a similar project to Shell Appomattox at the end of 2016. Helifuel has earlier also delivered to Shell Mars B.

“The mentioned projects are distinctive in terms of complying with US regulations. In addition, the oil companies have thousands of pages of specifications to be followed. Helifuel’s primary focus is on safety and through quality and monitoring procedure, the projects are delivered to the most stringent specifications and safety standards.

“We have also delivered many projects to Samsung during the years and it is a pleasure to cooperate with them once again. Both the owner BP, and shipyard Samsung are strong and highly professional players in this field. Close cooperation contributes to mutual development.”

Design is well underway and the kick-off meeting in Korea has been completed. Helifuel is preparing for Hazop.

“We have been trusted once more from the United States and Korea and we will ensure delivery accordingly.”

Helifuel system to the REV research and exploration vessel

Helifuel AS has secured a contract to deliver a helicopter refuelling system to the REV research vessel designed by Vard Ship Design.

The research vessel will not only be the world’s most advanced, it will also be built according to passenger ship rules. With a crew of 30 and accommodating 60 researchers, emphasis is placed on comfort and good research.

The ship will be 181m long and 22m wide and will involve state of the art equipment.

The ship will have equipment for measurements in both the atmosphere and below the surface, down to 6,000 meters depth.
I will also be able to collect and burn plastic waste from the ocean.

The Norwegian investor Kjell Inge Røkke is financing the ship and its operations in co-operation with World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) (

The helicopter refuelling system will be delivered to Vard Ship Design in 2019.

“Customized and compact solutions are key in designing helicopter refuelling systems to such ships. We have supplied several customized solutions to similar applications in recent years. From the experience gained Helifuel is confident that our system for the REV will conform to requirements for this ship.” says Managing Director, Jorunn Håvardsholm.

“We are looking forward to co-operating with Vard on this delivery, and to indirectly take part in the global environmental contributions”


Helifuel Service Bulletin 17/01

IATA SAP Special Interest Group have agreed that a transition is required to the global use of filtration/sensing technology that does not contain superabsorbent polymer (SAP) to remove low levels of free water from aviation fuel in filter monitors. It is the position of the Special Interest Group that filter monitors shall be phased out of all aviation fuel handling systems. Currently there is no like-for-like retrofit option qualified to replace two-inch nominal diameter filter monitors with filters that do not contain SAP in existing filter monitor vessels.

Short term actions for filter monitor users

The following actions are recommended to all users of filter monitor systems in aviation fuel handling:

  • Ensure that the elements used are compliant with EI 1583 7th edition.
  • Replace all filter monitor elements operating at or above 15 psi at maximum achievable flow rate.
  • Ensure DP switches are fitted to all into-plane filter monitors and set them to 15 psi.
  • Clean hose end strainers as part of filter monitor commissioning and the routine hose end strainer check (e.g. monthly).
  • Change all hose end strainers in use with monitors to 100 mesh.
  • Review filter monitor operations and ensure they follow manufacturer’s recommendations and good practice at all times (e.g. never expose a filter monitor system to fuel containing fuel system icing inhibitor, never operate a system outside of its qualified performance envelope; never move a system that is at high DP onto a lower flow rate application to extend service life). For further information see EI 1550 Handbook on equipment used for the maintenance and delivery of clean aviation fuel. Report any abnormalities experienced in operation or found during filter inspections.
  • Ensure that filtration systems used for defuelling operations are FWS Category M only.

For more information click the bulletin from Energy Institute below:


For questions and guidance related to your system, please do not hesitate to contact
Helifuel AS:

Contact us

Helifuel søker en økonomi- og administrasjonssjef med drivkraft til å utvikle selskapet videre

Som økonomi- og administrasjonssjef i Helifuel får du et helhetlig ansvar for økonomi og administrasjon i selskapet. Du vil samarbeide tett med daglig leder i oppfølging av den daglige driften, ha en sentral rolle i ledergruppen, delta i styrearbeid og bidra aktivt med økonomiske vurderinger i pågående og fremtidige prosjekter.

Vi søker en faglig sterk og effektiv drifter som vil være sentral i å sikre kontinuerlig forbedring, standardisering og videre utvikling av økonomi- og administrasjonsområde fremover. Du har et sterkt ønske om å forstå forretningen, lære deg detaljene i driften, og trygt fungere som overordnet leder for selskapet i daglig leders fravær. Økonomi- og administrasjonssjefen leder et team på to ansatte og rapporterer til daglig leder.


  • Stillingen vil ha et helhetlig ansvar for økonomi, finans og regnskap i selskapet, herunder utarbeidelse av finans- og prosjektregnskap, analyser, rapportering, budsjett, måneds- og årsavslutninger m.m.
  • Administrasjonsansvar med oppfølging av innkjøp, avtaler, kontrakter, kvalitets- og sertifiseringsprosesser
  • Kontinuerlig arbeide for å utvikle og forbedre driftsrutiner og prosesser innen økonomi- og administrasjonsområdet, planlegge og iverksette effektive tiltak
  • Følge selskapets prosjekter fra et økonomi og finansperspektiv
  • Oppfølging av selskapets ERP- og øvrige IT-systemer
  • Støtte og robustgjøre prosjektledere i bruk av ERP-system og økonomistyring
  • Lede ansatte innen økonomi og administrasjon


  • Relevant høyere økonomisk utdannelse på bachelor- eller masternivå
  • Minimum fem års relevant erfaring med økonomi, finans og regnskap, fortrinnsvis fra prosjektbasert  virksomhet
  • Erfaring fra lederstilling eller med sterk motivasjon for lederrollen
  • Har gode IT- og systemkunnskaper og kan vise til erfaring med å utvikle og implementere nye løsninger
  • Interesse for effektivisering, systemutvikling og forbedringsprosesser innen økonomi- og administrasjonsområdet
  • Gode kommunikasjonsferdigheter i norsk og engelsk, skriftlig og muntlig.


  • Trives med stort ansvar, er proaktiv og ønsker å gjøre en forskjell
  • God arbeidskapasitet og effektiv
  • God til å samarbeide, men liker å jobbe selvstendig
  • Trygg i utfordrende situasjoner, handlekraftig og takler usikkerhet
  • Evne til å gå i detaljene og samtidig ta et strategisk perspektiv
  • Verdsetter åpen og direkte kommunikasjon
  • Faglig oppdatert og trygg på lover og regler
  • Kommersiell – ser alltid etter muligheter for kostnadseffektivisering, besparelser og økt lønnsomhet
  • Strukturert, analytisk og evne til å gjøre gode prioriteringer

I Helifuel vil du få muligheten til å gjøre en forskjell og være en sentral drivkraft i selskapets fremtidige utvikling. Du får muligheten til å bruke bredden av dine erfaringer og kompetanseområder og samtidig få nye kunnskaper om våre prosjekter, kunder og markeder. Du vil jobbe i et humørfylt arbeidsmiljø med sterk teamorientering, der kompetanse og kvalitet står sentralt. Det er korte beslutningsveier, åpen kommunikasjon, god takhøyde og fokus på forbedringer. Vi tilbyr konkurransedyktige lønnsbetingelser og en spennende arbeidshverdag for rett kandidat. Arbeidssted er ved selskapets kontor i Sveio.

For mer informasjon, ta kontakt med vår rekrutteringspartner HAMNØY AS ved rådgiver Pål Meyer, tlf. +47 416 68 192.

Vis din interesse for stillingen ved å registrere din CV og søknad snarest.  Alle henvendelser behandles konfidensielt – også overfor oppdragsgiver i innledende fase dersom det er ønskelig.

Søknadsfrist: 14. desember – søknader behandles fortløpende.
Tiltredelse: Etter nærmere avtale.

New sales engineer joins Helifuel

Hans Olav Alfsvåg has joined Helifuel as a sales engineer and has already completed his first week in his new job. He has a background as an electrician and has worked a great deal with automation. He also has extensive experience from a range of companies in the maritime sector.

“I have followed Helifuel for a long time and know the company. Helifuel has positioned itself well and has an exciting future with great potential. This is a excellent opportunity for me and it is good to get started,” says Hans Olav.

The energetic Bømlo native comes to us from the maritime sector in the Sunnhordland district of western Norway and has previously worked for Apply, Wärtsila and, most recently, as a department head with Rapp Marine at Rubbestadneset, a village in Bømlo municipality.

“The advantage of working for a smaller company is that the path to decisions is shorter so we can get started quickly. Those are important qualities at Helifuel,” he says.

“For me, it’s really learning the products. I hope I can be an strong asset in engineering, quality assurance and, not least, sales,” says Hans Olav.

Hans Olav has three grown children, two grandchildren and lives with his wife in Bømlo.

We are delighted to welcome Hans Olav Alfsvåg to the Helifuel team.

The art of in-flight refuelling

Norway’s frigates safeguard the country’s territorial and economic interests under difficult conditions. The Royal Norwegian Navy has chosen Helifuel’s HIFR system for in-flight refuelling of helicopters from five ships.


Few ships can measure up to those serving the mission of the Royal Norwegian Navy. These ships patrol huge ocean areas in all weather conditions along Norway’s coast, around the Svalbard archipelago, in the Barents Sea, in arctic regions and along the Russian border. The Navy operates all along the nation’s coast, with special emphasis on the northernmost part. All 15 vessels must be operative regardless of conditions, and depend on helicopters, which need regular refuelling, to do their jobs.


Helifuel’s product called HIFR, which stands for Helicopter In-flight Refuelling, helps them complete their missions.

The order covers five frigates. The formal customer is the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation.

“If the waves are too big, helicopters simply can’t land on the helideck. So the helicopter uses its own winch to lift a hose that allows it to refuel,” explains Oddvar Østensvik, Helifuel sales manager.


Such operations place extreme demands on safety and functionality for pilots, crew and equipment.

“Helifuel must be top notch. This patent was painstakingly developed and thoroughly tested. In this industry and with such customers, there is no room for half measures,” says Østensvik.


“Delivering Helifuel’s system to the Navy is purely and simply an honour. We know the importance of the job they do and how demanding it can be. This is a real feather in the caps of those of us who work with Helifuel’s fuelling systems every single day. We’ve proven that our products don’t just meet requirements, but are the preferred solution in a sector where faults or shortcomings are never an option,” says Helifuel’s CEO Jorunn Håvardsholm.

From Nor-Shipping to London’s wind power

“Many companies are represented at these exhibitions. The number of visitors in total may be lower with the market downturn but those who come are the ones you want to talk to, they are there for a reason. Decision makers and key players. That makes these meetings even more relevant, “says Helifuel CEO Jorunn Håvardsholm.

Spring and summer months are marked by major conferences and exhibitions at important venues in Houston, Oslo and London. Jorunn Håvardsholm, CEO of Helifuel, has visited them all and sums up experiences and changes.

“We have established relations and we have supplied helicopter refuelling systems to several shipowners and shipyards, which are well represented in the shipping arenas. We also work close with the designers on several projects. It is good to meet exisiting and new faces during these events. If I were to single out one thing that has changed after the decline in oil prices it would be about the people who now participate in these gatherings. Now, we meet the right people, precisely the ones we need to talk to,” she says.

“While the oilprice was high the exhibitions had higher number of visitors, especially OTC in Houston was quiet this year from that point. The activity is low and that off-course affects the exhibitions. However, those who visit now are there for a reason, not just for inspiration.”

Helifuel have supplied several helicopter refuelling systems to the US market during the years to oil companies, engineering companies and rig owners.

“Another important perspective taking part in these exhibitions is the value of meeting customers at their own stands. Walk around. We all work with our own products and services and want the chance to talk about our thoughts and ourselves at our booth. It’s incredibly interesting to listen to client and partners views and to learn about their experiences in a changing market,” says Håvardsholm.

“Of course, it’s mostly about technology and competitiveness, but that is not enough without good relationships and trust,” she adds.

She virtually travelled straight from Nor-Shipping in Lillestrom, near Oslo, to a wind energy conference in London. Helifuel is a member of Norwegian Energy Partners and was part of its delegation to the Offshore Wind Energy conference.

“The growth in the wind segment also gathers companies from oil and shipping industry and we meet some of the same companies and the people there. In addition, we meet new players who takes a big part in this specific industry and who are not part of other industries we know well.” says Håvardsholm.

Helifuel are at time being building three helicopter refuelling systems to be installed on the sub-stations at the Hornsea One project for Dong Energy.

Many of the large wind farms at sea will be built in the future. Technology and business models are still being shaped. Since 1991, more than 59 billion euros has been raised and invested in the European offshore wind industry. Based on the prevailing market situation, Norwegian Energy Partners estimates another 100 billion will be invested between 2017 and 2030, a sum that approaches a Norwegian national budget.

“It’s about positioning, being where it’s happening and understanding the range of the projects. We do not yet know what needs have to be met and what the final scope will be. All I can promise is that Helifuel will be there!” she says.