FAQ – JET A-1 Tanks

The tanks are UN Portable tanks suitable for carriage of dangerous goods worldwide.


DNV 2.71 (2013)

EN 12079 (2006)


49 CFR


CAP 437(In accordance with)


Helifuel standard sizes are 2900, 4000 and 4800 litres. We generally have a stock of 2900 litre tanks available for purchase or lease in Norway or Houston. Please contact a member of the Helifuel Sales team for details.

Capacity              Frame Size                                         Tare                      Payload                 MGW

2900 Liters          1995 x 1995 x 2235 mm                 1790kg                  2710kg                 4500kg

4000 Liters          1995 x 1995 x 2751mm                  1970 kg                6030kg                 8000kg

4800 LItres          2200 x 2200 x 2571 mm                 2300 kg                7700 kg             10000 kg

Accroding to the IMDG code UN portable tanks are subject to a 5 year period inspection & 2.5 year periodic inspection.

The shell and items of equipment of each portable tank shall be inspected and tested before being put into service for the first time (initial inspection and test) and thereafter at not more than five-year intervals (5 year periodic inspection and test) with an intermediate periodic inspection and test (2.5 year periodic inspection and test) midway between the 5 year periodic inspections and tests. The 2.5 year inspection and test may be performed within 3 months of the specified date. An exceptional inspection and test shall be performed regardless of the date of the last periodic inspection and test when necessary according to 7.

Helifuel tanks are equipped with a calibrated dipstick to gauge the level in the tank. Tanks can be “dipped” via the inspection hatch on the top of the tank.

As an alternative to the above a Dial Type Level gauge can be fitted to the tank. All new Helifuel tanks are fitted with a level gauge provision. A dial level gauge is an optional extra which can be fitted to the tank at Helifuel or retrofitted in the field.

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