Helifuel rental systems for Solstad Offshore

Helifuel have recently delivered 2 complete Helifuel system for rental to Solstad Offshore vessels. The systems will be used on the Normand Vision and the Normand Reach.

Solstad Offshore has since the beginning in 1964, grown to become a global company. Solstad operates advanced vessels all over the world, often under extreme weather conditions. The Solstad Offshore (SOFF) fleet consists of about 61 fully owned/jointly owned vessels. The activities of Solstad Offshore are aimed towards the offshore petroleum industry, subdivided into 3 segments of the market including Platform supply-vessels (PSV), Anchor-handling-vessels (AHTS) and Construction service-vessels (CSV)


“We are very happy to be the chosen vendor of these systems. Helifuel supplies systems for worldwide applications and have complete systems for rental on stock.”  says Oddvar Østensvik, VP Sales Helifuel.

“We appreciate that to invest in a helicopter refuelling systems is not always required. To rent a complete system ready for installation is a very good alternative for shorter and longer operations. Especially when the operation periods are short or uncertain.
Our rental Helifuel system fleet contains models and features designed for rental purposes requiring flexible solutions to fit the different applications in the market”
  he continues.


Normand Vision

Normand Vision is a high capacity Construction Support Vessel (CSV) of type VARD 3 06. The vessel is built for heavy construction work, and is highly advanced when it comes to station keeping, efficiency and operational performance.Equipped with a 3000t carousel, a 150t Vertical Lay Spread System (VLS), a 400t Active Heave Compensated (AHC) crane and launch system for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), she is designed to operate efficiently under demanding conditions and is purpose built for SURF (Subsea structures, Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines) operations.

Normand Reach

Normand Reach has an overall length of 121 meters, 23 meters beam, 1300 square meters of deck, 7,2×7,2m working moonpool and a 250 ton subsea construction crane. The integrated ROV hangar features handling equipment for both over-side and moonpool launch; enabling ROV launch in high sea states. The vessel has accommodation for 100 people and is designed according to the latest environmental standards with focus on comfort and fuel consumption, and complies with DNV’s Clean Design notation.