Helifuel Service Bulletin 17/01

IATA SAP Special Interest Group have agreed that a transition is required to the global use of filtration/sensing technology that does not contain superabsorbent polymer (SAP) to remove low levels of free water from aviation fuel in filter monitors. It is the position of the Special Interest Group that filter monitors shall be phased out of all aviation fuel handling systems. Currently there is no like-for-like retrofit option qualified to replace two-inch nominal diameter filter monitors with filters that do not contain SAP in existing filter monitor vessels.

Short term actions for filter monitor users

The following actions are recommended to all users of filter monitor systems in aviation fuel handling:

  • Ensure that the elements used are compliant with EI 1583 7th edition.
  • Replace all filter monitor elements operating at or above 15 psi at maximum achievable flow rate.
  • Ensure DP switches are fitted to all into-plane filter monitors and set them to 15 psi.
  • Clean hose end strainers as part of filter monitor commissioning and the routine hose end strainer check (e.g. monthly).
  • Change all hose end strainers in use with monitors to 100 mesh.
  • Review filter monitor operations and ensure they follow manufacturer’s recommendations and good practice at all times (e.g. never expose a filter monitor system to fuel containing fuel system icing inhibitor, never operate a system outside of its qualified performance envelope; never move a system that is at high DP onto a lower flow rate application to extend service life). For further information see EI 1550 Handbook on equipment used for the maintenance and delivery of clean aviation fuel. Report any abnormalities experienced in operation or found during filter inspections.
  • Ensure that filtration systems used for defuelling operations are FWS Category M only.

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