Helicopter Refuelling Systems – Customized Solutions

During the past 20 years we have designed and delivered a variety of custom made system configurations, to fixed installations, semisubmersibles, jack ups, Barges, pipe-layer vessels, multipurpose vessels, Ice breakers, yachts and various military vessels including HIFR systems.

A customized solution in our term is everything that deviates from our standard product portfolio components and project delivery package.

Helifuel has cost effectively streamlined the production of standard units.
Introducing customization adds cost as it may impact design, engineering, project management or production.

Our sales engineers can assist you in the process of defining a solution which meets your request as well as it complies with the national and global regulations.

The below list is examples of requests that will define it as a customized solution:

Specific component requirements (e.g preferred vendors list)

Equipment combinations differing from standard

Specialized documentation setup, front pages, doc control requirements

Reports and controls differing from standard reporting

Component colors / defined paint specifications

Documentation requests differing from Standard Document Package.

Client document and tag numbering system

Why choose customized solution?

In many circumstances there are particular project specific requirements which must be met. In such cases standard units / components may not meet specific requirements. While Helifuel has the expertise to meet any project specific specifications, the intricacies of custom designs has additional cost.