Project delivery process

Our main focus throughout the process is to ensure that we comply with client requirements and regulatory requirements.
As an ISO 9001 DNV certified company our processes and routines are revised regularly and we constantly strive to improve our products, our routines and our services.
Each stage in the project delivery process includes as a minimum pre-defined procedures, templates, communication plan and quality controls.
This applies for both standard product portfolio deliveries and customized deliveries.
Customized deliveries will in addition include processes and quality controls in accordance with scope.
All departments including sales, engineering, project management, production and overall management are located in the same facilities. This is giving us informal easy access to detailed competence within the different disciplines.
Our quality system also includes formal requirements for communication and hold points within the organization to take advantage of this easy accessible multidisciplinary environment.

  • Project Planning
  • Project Manager is assigned and is familiar with the scope from sales process. A formal handover is done including resources from sales, project, engineering, production and management.
    Detailed planning is done and firm key dates are communicated to client.
    Controls and follow-up done throughout the process.
SalesEngineeringInventory HandlingProductionFinal TestingDelivery
Analyzing customer requirements and regulative requirements to define scope.
Our sales engineers involve project managers and engineering resources in this process.
Production of drawings and documentation starts and follows the standard company approval process. All drawings are approved by engineering, project manager and sales responsible before purchasing and production start.Based on requirements defined in detail from engineering. Following the overall project plan.In accordance with approved production drawings. Production facilities are located in same building as administrative resources giving the opportunity for daily hands-on follow up.All disciplines are FAT tested and MC completed down to the fine details to make sure the product more than fulfill your expectationsAll units are packed to our standard packing procedures. Certified packing to international standards upon request.
  • Quality & HSE
  • Risk analysis and Internal reviews done in all process stages throughout the process. Non-Conformances reported and handled immediately. In case of non-conformities affecting overall project delivery client is notified immediately.