Blogpost: “I need a Helifuel system – what does it cost?”


Good question. What do you want it to cost? We can give you a competitive price. A price that is within you budgets, definitely.
We receive this question on a regular basis. A simple question – is there a simple answer…!?
In this post we would like to give you a short summary of how a number of factors affect the cost for a Helifuel system.


What does it cost?

Let’s step back of the helicopter refuelling system field for a minute, let us take an example that we are guessing most of you will be familiar with.

I need a car – what does it cost? Are you looking for a high-performance sports car, a long range grand tourer, a convertible, or simply the best value for money car that will cover your basic needs?

We find many similarities with refuelling systems.
High tech PLC operated systems, Large static tank systems in combination with transportable tanks / IBCs, or simply a cost effective systems from our Standard Product Portfolio (normally in stock).

Different rules / certification requirements apply for Ships, Mobile Offshore Units and Fixed Installations. Each Class society (where applicable) has different requirements. The list of rule and regulations that a refuelling system shall comply to is long. We know them all.

With the drop in oil prices from the highs of previous years, there is a greater focus on cost, also for Helifuel Systems.
Helifuel’s range of standard fuelling packages offer high end solutions at cost effective, affordable pricing.

Our clients are asking – what do we really need… really?

What do you need…really?

So, if you ask us again;
I need a refuelling system – what does it cost? We will reply with questions to understand your need.

We categorise; the features that you need, the features that you want and the features that you like.
What is your buying criteria? Lead time, Life cycle cost, Material selection, Safety features, User and Maintenance friendliness features? Low cost (only)?
What type of vessel is this for? Where will you be operating? Class society involved?

If you would like to discuss helicopter refuelling systems with me in more details, as you may understand from this note – I am very happy to do so.




Oddvar Østensvik
VP Sales
Cell: +47 934 34 126