HF2363 Carter pressure refuelling nozzle

As agent for Carter pressure refuelling nozzles in Norway, Helifuel can offer a model which simplifies the inspection of the strainer.

Inspection of the strainer is often associated with disassembly, spillage and the fact that it is time consuming. Wiht the Carter nozzle you can easily inspect the strainer visually just by turning a handle. If the strainer requires cleaning, the strainer is accessible by removing the inspection glass. According to CAP 437 and the OLF regulation, the strainer is to be inspected monthly.


– A flexible nozzle front assembly, reduces the risk of leakages between nozzle and helicopter.

– Radical reduction in inspection time.

– Avoid fuel spillage during inspection.

– Inspect and clean the strainer without major disassembly.

– HSE is maintained.

Helifuel AS can offer:

– A lease agreement for a Carter pressure refuelling nozzle with ball valve. Helifuel takes the full administrative responsibility. Helifuel ensures that the customer have a fully functional nozzle at all times, within rules and regulations.